[ad_1] You already have a web dev workflow and deploy your code to a backend of your choice. You are writing code across Mac OS, Windows or both. This session will cover how you can leverage your existing workflow, while deeply integrating with Windows devices across PC, Phone, Xbox and Xbox. [ad_2] Source link… Read More [ad_1] Immerse yourself in the big screen with Xbox App development and join the kick off session where we will go over what’s new in the Anniversary Update SDK and kick of the day. [ad_2] Source link… Read More [ad_1] This week on Channel 9, Vlad and guest host Yutang Lin discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [01:54] Announcing the “App Dev on Xbox” live event, Event Page [02:41] Reality, Virtually, Hackathon! [03:25] Visual Studio “15” Preview 4 [John Montgomery] [04:02] The Lightweight Visual Studio “15” Installer [Adam Welch] [04:44] GitHub Extension… Read More [ad_1] This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Mark discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:29] Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn [01:27] Xbox Introduces Future of Gaming Beyond Console Generations and Without Boundaries [Will Tuttle], YouTube Live at E3 2016 – Xbox One S Unboxing [04:42] Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14366 &… Read More [ad_1] Wondering how Visual Studio helps build great Unity games? Nathalie and Jon walk the Game Developers Conference floor, talking with Unity developers about how they leverage Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Tools for Unity in making great games. [00:52] – Oxenfree by Night School Studio [06:53] – G Prime by Soma Games… Read More [ad_1] Join us as we talk with 2 of the developers behind Xbox Dev Kit Mode. Xbox Dev Kit mode enables anyone to start building games on Xbox One. We’ll talk about what you need to get started, see a demo of how to get up and running, and find out how you can… Read More [ad_1] Today I chat with Laila the founder of Girls Make Games about how their program is helping to get more girls into game development and interested in STEM. Join us as we talk about Education and how the program has grown to really help these girls understand how many opportunities there are in… Read More [ad_1] Join us as we chat with Matt Korba from The Odd Gentleman to discuss the new King’s Quest game which is fantastic! In King’s Quest, King’s Graham recounts his greatest adventures to his curious granddaughter Gwendolyn. The game has five chapters, and each one focuses on a special time in Graham’s life. The… Read More [ad_1] This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Robert Green and Scott Klein discuss the week’s (cough… month’s) top developer news, including; [01:18] Microsoft to acquire Xamarin and empower more developers to build apps on any device [Scott Guthrie] [02:33] Announcing Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition open for pre-order, shipping March 30 [03:57] Microsoft joins… Read More [ad_1] Join us as we explore the new dashboard update on the Xbox One and look at various ways that you as a developer can help drive increased player engagement and retention with your games on Xbox One and Windows 10. [00:50] – Learn All About Game Hubs on Xbox One[01:25] – What is… Read More