[ad_1] Join us as we chat with Jamie Cheng, the founder of Klei Entertainment. Jamie got his start as a programmer for Relic, and in 2005 started Klei to develop their own original titles. Klei is best known for titles such as Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja. We’ll ask Jamie about their… Read More [ad_1] This is a basic video walkthrough of the beginning steps of the animation process of rigging and skinning a 3D model in Maya, then importing to Unity. Here is a link to the mannequin model used in the video. [00:28] – 1.) Identifying where joints will be placed.[00:52] – Start rigging a skeleton[01:23]… Read More [ad_1] This year at GDC16, I stopped by the Expo Hall to check out a few. independent games. I came across Champions of Odin which is a first-person, action role-playing game that combines the fast pace and intensity of a first-person shooter with RPG elements. This game was created by Raffaele Melle from Hybris… Read More [ad_1] Hi everyone – I’m Amanda Lange. Welcome to Episode 2 of the Game Dev Show! Last week Remedy announced that Quantum Break, originally announced as an Xbox One Exclusive, will be coming to Windows 10 as well. It inspired me to do a quick look at the Universal Application Platform so that I… Read More [ad_1] Microsoft teamed up with Playcrafting to host a Global Game Jam in NYC from January 29th-31st! Over 300 people attended and jammed throughout the weekend. Alyssa “A.C” Menes (@acmenes) delivered her Intro to Audio for Game Developer talk at Global Game Jam and it was streamed on the Global Game Jam Twitch account… Read More