[ad_1] Scott Hanselman takes you behind the scenes to Microsoft’s Build 2016 setup and preparation. Tune into the live broadcast March 30 – April 1st. [ad_2] Source link… Read More

[ad_1] Scott’s found video on his phone, and lo and behold, it’s a guerilla video of Scott acosting Clint Rutkas in his Channel 9 lair. What’s all that equipment on Clint’s shelves? What’s he erasing and trying to hid from us? Does he solder in his office? All this and less. [ad_2] Source link… Read More

[ad_1] Scott Hanselman?and Phil Haack visited the “Open Source Fest” at Mix 11 in Las Vegas just a few months ago. One of the projects that really stood out – amongst the dozens of great projects shown – was Glimpse. Glimpse is a server-side NuGet package that plugs into ASP.NET (and other technologies soon) and… Read More