[ad_1] This week on Channel 9, Vlad and Petri discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:37] How many ways is the face of tech changing? Guggs video provides great primer for CES 2017, CES 2017: LG unveils new Gram laptops powered by Windows 10, CES 2017: Toshiba debuts new Portégé X20W 2-in-1 convertible… Read More [ad_1] This week on Channel 9, Scott Klein and Robert Green discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:40] Cortana to open up to new devices and developers with Cortana Skills Kit and Cortana Devices SDK [03:09] More Ways to Make Smart Bots [Colleen Estrada], QnA Maker [04:56] Updating Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate… Read More [ad_1] This week on Channel 9, Nikola and new host Kriti Jindal discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:27] Kriti Jindal joins TWC9 [01:17] Download Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate [02:04] Productivity in Visual Studio 2017 RC [Mark Wilson-Thomas] [02:58] More Productive JavaScript in Visual Studio 2017 RC [Bowden Kelly] [03:26] Harness the… Read More [ad_1] OpenAI chose Microsoft due to our deep learning research and ongoing commitment to AI along with the company’s open policy to research, Azure’s support for open source technologies and it’s unique combination of high performance computing, big data and intelligence capabilities such as Azure Batch, Azure Machine Learning and the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit… Read More [ad_1] This week on Channel 9, Guest Hosts Seth and Rebecca Garcia discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:57] Microsoft HoloLens welcomes six new countries to the world of mixed reality [Alex Kipman] [01:38] Microsoft October 26 Event [02:21] Historic Achievement: Microsoft researchers reach human parity in conversational speech recognition [Allison Linn] [02:53]… Read More [ad_1] In our going series showcasing the awesome community contributed content in the Cortana Intelligence GaIlery, I have with me Val Fontama. Val Fontama is a Principal Data Scientist Manager on the Azure team. Today he is chatting with us about the Predictive Maintenance model in the Gallery that predicts yield failure in a… Read More [ad_1] This week on Channel 9, Mark and Nikola discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:21] 2 year anniversary of the #WindowsInsiders program [Jen Gentleman] [01:24] Connect(); //2016 November 16-17 [02:06] Announcing Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 [John Montgomery], Release Notes [03:02] Just released – Windows developer virtual machines – September 2016 build… Read More [ad_1] Are you looking for sample data science solutions, starter machine learning experiments or tutorials to skill up ? The Gallery is a community hub to share and learn about the various solutions that can be built via Cortana Intelligence platform, Microsoft’s end to end advanced analytics offering on the cloud. Predicting breast cancer,… Read More [ad_1] All data scientists have some sort of a process to move a project from initial customer contact through to successful completion. Often, this is not formally documented, though we can point out when we are being asked to take short cuts that process, even if we haven’t described the steps to our customers.… Read More [ad_1] Natural language processing (NLP) techniques can learn the key semantic elements contained in large collections of text in a completely unsupervised manner allowing for the automatic discovery of trending topics, anomalous event or hidden correlations. In this video, T. J. Hazen discusses how NLP techniques for learning key phrases and latent topics can… Read More