[ad_1] Auto Scaling helps you to build systems that respond to changes in the demand for compute power by launching additional Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances or terminating existing ones. As I was thinking about this post, I thought it would be fun to deconstruct Auto Scaling to ensure that I (and you) have… Read More

[ad_1] EC2’s R3 instances are designed to provide you with the best price per GiB of RAM, along with high memory performance. I am happy to be able to announce that they are now available in the South America (Brazil) region, in two sizes. Here are the specs: Instance Name vCPU Count RAM SSD Storage… Read More

[ad_1] I often point to EC2 Spot Instances as a feature that can only be implemented at world-scale with any degree of utility. Unless you have a massive amount of compute power and a multitude of customers spread across every time zone in the world, with a wide variety of workloads, you simply won’t have… Read More

[ad_1] We launched the T2 instances last summer (see my post, New Low Cost EC2 Instances with Burstable Performance for more information). These instances give you a generous amount of baseline capacity and the ability to automatically and transparently scale up to full-core processing power on an as-needed basis. The bursting model is based on… Read More

[ad_1] You can now launch SQL Server Enterprise Edition on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) using a new, pre-configured AMI (Amazon Machine Image). This edition of SQL Server offers some new and unique features including: High Availability – You can configure a primary database and up to four active, readable secondary databases into an Always-On… Read More

[ad_1] We launched Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with a single instance type (m1.small) way back in 2006! Since then, we have added many new types in response to customer demand, enabled by improvements in memory and processor technology (see my recent post, EC2 Instance History, for a look back in time). Today we are… Read More

[ad_1] I received an interesting tweet last night. Steve Goldsmith of ITOC Australia (an APN Advanced Consulting Partner and recipient of an AWS Customer Obsession award earlier this year) asked me if I had a historical timeline of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance launches: I didn’t have one, but it seemed like a worthwhile… Read More

[ad_1] My colleague Mingxue Zhao sent me a guest post designed to make sure that you are aware of an important time / clock issue. — Jeff; The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems (IERS) recently announced that an extra second will be injected into civil time at the end of June 30th, 2015. This… Read More

[ad_1] I would like to tell you about a new AWS feature that will allow you to make even better use of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). As you probably know, S3 provides you with secure, durable, and highly scalable object storage. You can use the Virtual Private Cloud to… Read More