Managing data and services requires us to keep security of company data top-of-mind at all times. A new set of powerful tools from Microsoft Azure known as the Azure Security Center can help organizations do just that for your cloud-based infrastructure.

Tune in as Kevin Remde, Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder walk us through the Azure Security Center from what it is, why you should use it and how to get started.

  • [2:57] What is the Azure Security Center?
  • [5:02] Who is the target audience for the Azure Security Center? Why should we use it?
  • [7:01] Does Azure Security Center protect me from specific threats?
  • [8:20] How does Azure Security Center fit with Microsoft’s “assume breach” approach to security?
  • [11:34] DEMO: Azure Security Center
  • [25:48] Looks like some good resources. How much does it cost?
Get started with Azure Security Center here



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