Today’s episode of Data Exposed Scott welcomes back to the show Saveen Reddy and Michael Rys, Principal Program Managers in the Big Data group. In this awesome video both Saveen and Michael give us a “state of the union” regarding Azure Data Lake and U-SQL. For the first 8 minutes of the show we learn from them a lot about current adoption and usage, and the excitement and drive as they watch customers go from simply learning and exploring to full PoC’s and production rollouts. We get a peek into the future from Saveen and Michael around how they are applying the lessons learned to future product updates specific to ADL and U-SQL.

Around the 2:15 mark we get some wonderful insight from Michael about what his group is seeing and hearing from the community around U-SQL, plus we get a sneak peek into some of the things they are looking at implementing and what you might expect to see in upcoming releases. Michael also talks about some of the feedback they are receiving and the types of questions they are getting.

At the 8:35 mark, Saveen and Michael jump into a fantastic demo for using and debugging U-SQL locally. They open Visual Studio and show the new U-SQL project template and then show a very simple U-SQL script that reads and writes to local file. They show how U-SQL is compiled and executes and the benefits of writing and using U-SQL! AWESOME!

The ability to run and debug locally that Saveen and Michael show is fantastic, and they also give us an idea of what is coming in terms of improving the tooling including job graphs and debugging cluster node failures.





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