Parallels Desktop for Mac (link to http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/) is a hypervisor-based virtualization solution that makes it easy to run any number of operating systems inside separate windows on your Mac desktop. For developers, this means you can simultaneously run Mac development tools like Xcode and Windows development tools like Visual Studio. You can easily copy content by dragging and dropping from one OS to another without rebooting, and even run only a specific app without viewing the entire desktop of your virtualized OS. You can step through your code in different environments without risk of losing work if a crash happens in a specific test environment.

The recently released Parallels Desktop Pro Edition includes developer-specific features like network conditioning and remote debugging in another OS. These features, and others, make for an efficient and versatile development environment.

Here, Kurt Schmucker, a senior product manager at Parallels, provides a quick demo of virtualized operating systems in Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition, how to test with network conditions of your selection, and how to debug in a separate OS.

You can try Parallels Desktop Pro Edition at parallels.com, or get an extended trial with your Visual Studio Dev Essentials software trials and downloads today


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